8th February 2020

The Garment Of The Congregation

Word From The Father
In the time of old, everybody knows the difference between the holy and unholy. They knew the kind of garment to wear. When My Son came, He didn’t teach them about all these things because every one of them knew what’s right and wrong. They knew what to do physically, but spiritually, they were lacking. My Son dealt with their spiritual life. This was why He didn’t speak of the kind of garment they should wear. As it was in the time of old, so also it is today. I don’t impose it on any of you the kind of garment you should wear, but My Spirit inside you should tell you what is right. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am a Holy Father. Sin is an abomination to Me.

As a woman, it is very important how you present yourself in the public because of the way I created you. Your body is different from the body of a man. If you could present yourself holy in the public, how much more My presence. In the time of old, I even segregated you from men because of sin. Among you, I gave some churches the kind of garment they should wear, a holy garment, but they turned it to a garment of sin. Nothing I’ve not done for all of you so that sin might reduce. Unfortunately, none of you values this. In My house, many of you present yourselves as prostitutes! Even prostitutes wear better garment than you because you’ve turned yourselves to agents of destruction to destroy men in My house.

As a godly woman, your heart should remain focus on Heaven so that your physical life can be a replica of what goes on there. If you’re not disciplined in the kind of dress you wear, how will you train your children to have My fear? Can you give what you don’t have? You turned yourself to the man of the house. There must be a difference between the appearance of a woman and a man. You don’t know more than Me. Whatever I ask you not to do, there’s a reason for it. You shouldn’t use your own wisdom to do things and destroy yourself and children.

All of you should learn to appear holy both physically and physically. If your garment is holy and your inward is dirty, then your service to Me is meaningless. If your inward is holy and your garment is dirty, what will people call you? Whichever way you appear will sell you to those who see you. After all, they cannot see your inward. I Am the only One who can see your inward. Therefore, people will judge you whichever way you appear before them. If you appear as a holy man or woman, they’ll judge you as such. Yet, they cannot see your heart. They don’t know if your heart is holy or not. If your heart is holy, you cannot put on a holy garment because if you do, you’re only a deceiver. If your inward and outward are holy, this is the only way your service will be acceptable.

My Emphasis
When the Father asked some of His servants to establish a church, He gave them the Ordinance they should follow. To some, He gave them a white garment to wear. Anyone who appears in another garment is categorised a stranger or visitor. Even the garment, there was a way He also asked them to sow it. By the end of the day, they turned everything to sin. Whichever Ordinance the Father gives, until you’re holy, it will be meaningless observing it.

When Jesus Christ came, this was part of the problem He had with the Priests and Pharisees. They appeared holy in the public, but their heart was full of serpent and scorpions. This was why He began to lay curses upon them when they provoked Him. It was the Ordinance of the Father to appear holy publicly. Until your inside is holy, this is the only way your outward will be acceptable in the sight of the Father. The Bible says in the Book of Matthew 23:25-26 that, “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you cleanse the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of extortion and self-indulgence. Blind Pharisee, first cleanse the inside of the cup and dish, that the outside of them may be clean also.” If your inward is unholy and your outward is holy, you’re only wasting your time because your inward controls your outward. The Bible says again in the Book of Joel 2: 13 that, “So rend your heart, and not your garments; return to the Lord your God, for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness; and He relents from doing harm.”

Beloved, whichever Law or Ordinance the Father gave to us, we should strive and observe it because it’s for our own good. By the end of the day, He will reward us either good or evil. I pray for you today that the Holy Spirit will help you to live and abide by the Word of the Father in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will thank the Father for giving me the grace to be a partaker of His Kingdom.
2) I will ask Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins and mercy.
3) I will follow every Law and Ordinance of the Father with obedience.
4) I will ask the Holy Spirit to give me the grace to walk this journey in faithfulness until the end.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty Father, I thank You for giving me the grace to be a partaker of Your Kingdom.
2) Jesus Christ, forgive me all my sins and show me mercy.
3) Jehovah God, I ask You to give me the grace to follow Your Law and Ordinance with obedience.
4) Holy Spirit, I ask You to give me the grace to walk this journey in faithfulness until the end in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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