7th February 2020

The Garment Of Ushers

Word From The Father
If you want to enter a church, your first point of contact is the usher. His appearance alone will tell you who he is. You don’t need to ask any question. He knows what to do. As you approach him, he’ll greet you and usher you to your seat. Whichever seat he allocates for you will be your seat for the day. You have no right to challenge him because he’s doing his work. He is a guard both physically and spiritually. There are some demons, if they want to enter inside a church and they see that the power in the usher is more powerful than theirs, they’ll turn back. They could either summon a higher power to assist them or turn back and find their way. If their power is more than the power in him, they’ll overpower him and enter. Other powers inside the church will now determine their fate. If there is no fire in the church, they’ll operate freely and go back. But if there’s enough fire in the church, they’ll run away. Though all of you are physical, but the spiritual activities that go on inside the church is more than what any of you can comprehend. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am a Perfect Father. My work is perfect and holy.

The office of usher is the third important office in the church. They were among the Levites who worked in My house. If you visit a mansion, who is the first person you’ll see? The gateman or the security guard. He will ask you some questions which you must answer. If you’re unable to answer the questions, he’ll not open the gate for you. If you want to cause any trouble, he knows what to do with you. If you’re able to answer his questions, you'll tell him whatever you want and he’ll lead you to your destination. The ushers are the gateman in My house. They're always at alert. Their garment alone tells you who they are. Their garment is holy. They don’t wear the same garment as every other person. They are the church armies. They guard the church.

Whatever work I do is perfect. Anyone cannot just be an usher. My Spirit in you must bear witness that you’re one. If you’re not strong enough and you stand as an usher, if My Spirit in you is not as strong as the demon that approaches you, he’ll knock you down. All of you are doing My work by flesh. This is why you don’t know your right from your left. Demons roam freely inside the church because the ushers are dead as the entire congregation. As a soldier who guards the gate to the city, can anyone just invade the city while you stand there? You’ll use every power you have to fight. If you know that your strength alone isn’t enough, you’ll call for more hands to help you. This is not a physical fight but spiritual. As an usher, while you’re standing there being focus, My Spirit in you is doing the fight on your behalf. You cannot see demons because they’re spirits, but My Spirit in you could see them and will engage them in the fight. This is how it works.

Today, My house has become a market place where every demon buys and sells. They have no respect for any of you because you’re weak. They overpower you at will. They act and do as they like in the church because all of you are dirty. You cannot use dirty hands to do holy work, else, you’re calling for an untimely death. As an usher, your garment must be kept pure and holy all the time. This is why it remains in the church. You don’t go home with it. And before you wear it, you must purge yourself always. Anyone among you who stand to minister at My presence must be holy because I Am a Holy Father.

My Emphasis
The work of the Father is a wonderful and prestigious work to do. There is a great reward in it, yet, if not properly and carefully managed, could be very dangerous as well. This led to the death of Uzzah the son of Abinadab. Whichever office you’re called to work, you must do it with all your might because you’re not working for any man but for yourself and the Father. If you own a company, will you allow anyone to do your work the way you don’t like? You can go to any length with that man. So also, as a servant in the house of the Father, you must do your work as if it belongs to you.

An usher is a soldier in the church. In some churches, the ushers wear the garment of a soldier. This tells people who they are. In reality, ushers are armies both physically and spiritually. They guard the church of God. They are holy both physically and spiritually. For them to be able to do their work without any bitterness in their heart, this was why the Father chose them out of the tribe of Levi who looked after the affairs of His house. As the Priests were, so were the ushers. Both the Priests and ushers were fed from the same pot because they had no secular work. Whatever came into the house of the Father, there they made their living. Today, some churches do pay their workers a monthly salary. But in general, both Pastors, choristers and ushers should make their living in the church so they could all concentrate on the work of the Father alone. If you work in the house of the Father without thinking about how you’ll go to any other job, you’ll have time to prepare yourself for whichever task given to you.

As an usher, your primary assignment is to serve the Father and the congregation. This is why you should always look after your own holiness so that your service can be accepted before the Father. Just as you keep your ushering garment pure and holy, so also, you should keep your heart pure and holy. If your heart is pure and holy, then your entire being is holy. With your pure heart and holy garment, what demon will be able to stand your way? They’ll see you and run! Why? Because you’re holy. In a church where the Priest or Pastor is holy, the choristers are holy, and the ushers are holy, then tell me why signs and wonders shouldn’t happen in that church. In a church where all the key workers are sinners, how would that church be? Demons will have the freedom to move as they like.

The Bible says in the Book of Psalm 84:10 that, “For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God Than dwell in the tents of wickedness.” It is a joy to serve the Father because there is a great reward in it. Whichever work you do, do it diligently in obedience to every Word and Ordinance of the Father. I pray for you today that the Holy Spirit will help you to fulfil your duty in His house faithfully in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will thank the Father for being His servant.
2) I will ask Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins for doing His work by flesh.
3) I will guard myself to guard the house of the Father.
4) I will yield myself willingly for the use of the Holy Spirit.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty Father, I thank You for being Your servant.
2) Jesus Christ, have mercy upon me and forgive me all my sins for doing Your work by flesh.
3) Jehovah God, I ask You to give me strength and power to do Your work.
4) Father, uproot everything in me that stands as an obstacle to my service.
5) Holy Spirit, I give myself to You. Use me as You wish and help me to fulfil my duty faithfully in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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