6th January 2020

What Shall We Do

Word From The Father
If you do anything wrong ignorantly and somebody who knows more than you rebuke you for it, if you have a simple heart, you’ll ask him just one question: What shall I do now? That means you recognise your wrong as wrong and you’re willing to make amends. But if you have a stony heart, even if you know you’re wrong, you’ll still put up a brave face as if nothing has happened. Such a heart cannot enter My Kingdom. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am a Holy Father. I hate evil and wicked heart. Sin is an abomination to Me.

If you have a problem and you recognise you have a problem, it’s very easy for you to receive help. But if you have a problem and you don’t recognise you have a problem, it’s going to be a very hard work for whoever wants to help you. All of you call yourselves Christians. If My Spirit comes down to judge your heart, how many of you can stand? If My servant preaches a message of holiness to you, won’t you leave the church? All of you prefer where you’ll feel comfortable in your sin. You prefer a church where you can do whatever you like. A heart that is ready to go to Heaven always breakdown for holiness. Many of you have a stony heart! This is why the church is full of witchcraft everywhere.

Many of My servants have a strong and stony heart. Sometimes I do rebuke them for their wrongs, but they’ll put up a strong face as if nothing has happened. Sometimes when they’re on the pulpit preaching, I will enter their heart and change their message, but they’ll continue with the same message they’re preaching because they prefer to please My children than to please Me. Who are you supposed to fear? Is it My children or Me? Who are you working for? Are you working for My children or Me? You’re pleasing them because you don’t want your church to empty. You’re pleasing them because of the money they’re giving to you. Is it not better for you to preach My message raw and undiluted than to preach it diluted and end up in Hellfire?

If your heart is truly for Me, you’ll always sober whenever you hear the message of holiness. All of you love sin more than My Kingdom. What does it profit you to enjoy here and lose My Kingdom? Do you know where you come from? You don’t know but I know it. I Am the Owner of the universe. If you leave this Earth and end up somewhere else, I also own wherever you find yourself. Why can’t you live your life in My fear so you can enjoy in the end?

My Emphasis
When the Holy Spirit came upon Apostle Peter for the first time and he preached a powerful message in Jerusalem, the heart of the people melted. The scale in their eyes fall off and they asked him: What shall we do? He who recognises his wrong as wrong will ask such a question. A man with a stony heart will never admit his wrong. When Prophet Nathan stood in the presence of King David to deliver God’s judgement on him, he was courageous because the King had the power to either put him to death or spare his life. In those days, Prophets are branded the enemies of the people because of their kind of message. Their message was a message of life and death. King David, a man after God’s heart melted and was sorry for what he had done. He even thought he would die, but the Father spared his life because of the love He had for him.

When Job passed through the kind of test no one has ever passed through before, he was very bold in defending himself. None of his friends could convince him of anything. He knew who he was and what he stood for. But the only One who knows the depth of the sea came down and put him in his place. He finally swallowed his words. Many times we think we’re right because the Spirit of the Father gives us the chance to have our way. Anyone who truly has the Spirit of God in him doesn’t need anyone to tell him what lies within him because he owns his heart.

Some years ago, when I was still holding Sunday service in my house, a sister brought her friend to the church. The Holy Spirit convicted her of the kind of spirits that lived in her heart. She didn’t admit. She was very angry and left. She didn’t leave alone; she left with her friend and her family. A few months later, her friend came back to aks for forgiveness that she was sorry for what has happened. The church of God is full of lawlessness today simply because servants of the Father have taken the position of the Holy Spirit. They preach and act as their heart desires. Therefore, Satan stands in the corner and continually make jest of every Christian.

Beloved of the Most High, it is dangerous and very dangerous to continually worship in a church where the Holy Spirit doesn’t give direction. Many Christians fall into such a category in the past. They thought they were serving God. They served Him as they thought it best. When they died and were judged, they couldn’t enter Heaven. Many were sent to Hellfire while few were sent back to the Dark-Planet en route to Earth. Therefore, let each one of us continually walk in holiness and the fear of the Father. I pray that the Holy Spirit will constantly put you in check and never allow you to miss your route in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will thank the Father for the grace He gave to me to be partaker of His Kingdom.
2) I will ask the Master for the forgiveness of sin any area I’ve proved that I know more than Him.
3) I will surrender my will to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to take the lead of my life.
4) I will dwell daily in the Word of the Father alone.
5) I will put the things of this Earth behind me and remain focus as I go forward in my journey.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty Father, I thank You for the grace You gave to me to partake from Your Kingdom.
2) My Lord Jesus, have mercy upon me any area I’ve proved that I know more than You.
3) Holy Spirit, I surrender my will to You and I ask You to take the lead of my life.
4) Jehovah God, help me to dwell daily in Your Word.
5) Holy Spirit, help me to put the things of this Earth behind me and help me to remain focus as I move forward in this journey in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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