4th January 2020

Egg Without A Crack

Word From The Father
If you hold an egg in your hand and go through it with your finger, you’ll return to wherever you started. Nothing will make your finger to stumble because there’s neither bump nor crack on it. If there is a crack on it, as you pass your finger through its surface, you’ll reach an obstacle. Through this crack, an ant can penetrate the egg and eat everything. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Originator. Nobody can fault the works of My hands because I Am a Perfect Father.

When I formed you, when I created you, you were like an egg without a crack. There was no blemish in you. In fact, everything about you was perfect because as I Am, so I created you. When you chose what you loved, with your own hands, you inflicted cracks on your life. A wall without a crack is unliveable for a lizard. No matter how much he tries, he cannot penetrate because he hasn’t got such power. If you hold a raw egg in your hand, you can do nothing to it unless you break it. After all, the shell means nothing to you. All you need is what lies behind the shell. Unless you unshell it, the egg is useless in your hand.

If the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden was the only sin that works against all of you, none of you will go to Hellfire because when they sinned, they spent all their days in fasting and prayers for acceptance. Today, all of you have gone farther and deeper than your parents. If they’ve not listened to that thing that deceived them, they would have lived a glorious life. With their own hands, they crashed their lives. All of you have done more than what they did in million folds.

If a child is born, even if his parents committed sin, if he refuses to commit his own sin, there’s a limit the sin of his parents will work upon his life. But that thing, Satan is wiser than all of you. He wants any seed of evil he sowed into the lives of parents to continue in the lives of their children. The only way he achieves this is by luring you to commit sin early so that the same snake that bit your parents can also bite you. But if you’re wise early and refuse to do his bidden, tell Me how he will have a hold on your life. But how can you be wise early when the womb that carried you was corrupted? You were born in sin; suck the breast of sin; drank the water of sin. In fact, you were fed with sin even before you could differentiate between right and wrong.

I Am the Almighty God and all powers belong to Me. No matter what has happened to your life, I Am the Great Judge. I Am the Great Repairer and I can repair your life if only you allow Me. I have given you the soap, water and sponge to cleanse yourself so that you can live a purposeful life in Me. If you surrender your heart to Me, I will mend every crack of your life and you will eventually end up with Me in the end.

My Emphasis
If a baby is born, though born by sinful parents, yet, a sweet smell still oozes out of him. Why? Because he has not started eating from the food of this Earth directly. As long he keeps to his mother’s breastmilk alone, the sweet smell will continue to ooze out of him. Even if he passes out faeces from his body, the same smell will ooze out of it. Why? Because he hasn’t started eating from the food of this Earth by himself. The very moment the mother begins to feed him with any other food than breastmilk, the sweet smell will begin to fade away. Have you heard it before where a new-born baby needs perfume? The perfume that comes out of him is natural, better than manmade one. But the moment he becomes an adult, he cannot do without a perfume anymore because of evil smell, the smell of sin that oozes out of him everywhere he goes.

A lizard can struggle to climb a smooth wall but not for too long. If he tries to stay longer than normal, he’ll fall like a rock. Why? Because he has nothing to hold on to. No crack; no hole; everything is smooth. It’s like a couple who leave no column between them. The enemy has no space to penetrate. So is every human being created by Jehovah God Almighty. Even though we were all born and fed in sin, yet, through Jesus Christ our Saviour, we received pardon and the ticket of eternal life was handed over to us. Yet, if we fail to maintain our stand through holiness and perseverance, we’ll lose the ticket which was handed over to us.

The Bible says in the Book of Romans 3:23 that, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” And the same Book of Romans 6:23a also says, “The wages of sin is death.” This gives no man a room of escape. Yet, verse 23b says, “But the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Amen! No one falls from Heaven. Even those the Father sent to this Earth without parents, after about three generations, their offspring will also commit sin because the nature of this Earth is sinful. Christ has fought the battle on our behalf and given us another chance to return to the Father without a crack. If you understand it as such, you’ll cherish the blood that bought you out of sin into eternal glory.

Beloved, hence you’ve given your life to Jesus Christ and confessed all your sins, walk not in darkness anymore. Walk in the light of Jesus Christ so it can continually mend and heal the wound of the past until you’re made perfect for glory. Let your heart depart from anything that can bring a crack into your life and grieve the Holy Spirit. I pray for you today that the power of the Most High God will hold and keep you until the end in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will thank the Father for the blood that purchased me.
2) I will ask Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins.
3) I will stay clear from anything that can bring another crack into my life.
4) I will live and dwell on the Word of the Father alone.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty Father, I thank You for purchasing me with the blood of Your Son.
2) My Lord Jesus, have mercy upon me and forgive me all my sins.
3) Holy Spirit, I know I am blind and have eyes but cannot see. Open my eyes to see through the light of Jesus Christ so I won’t fall into darkness once again.
4) Lord Jesus, if I walk with You, I will never fall. Give me strong feet to walk with You.
5) Jehovah God, expel every strange spirit that entered my life through the crack I inflicted on myself because of my sin.
6) Holy Spirit, if there’s still any crack in my life, seal it up with Your fire in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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