31st March 2020


My dear Friend,

Blessed be the name of Jehovah God for the gift of life. Before you pray these prayers, I want you to examine yourself seriously. Is there any outstanding sin you’ve not confessed? Open your mouth and confess everything so that your soul can have peace. Even if you’ve confessed your sins, confess them again and rededicate your life to Jesus Christ.

Jehovah God my Father, whenever You speak Your Word, it’s like an old woman’s tale because I am just a flesh. I have read about You in my Bible, but what I see physically is beyond comprehension. Almighty Father, I know You’re the same God of old. Whenever Your children strayed away from You, You show Your anger through plagues and pestilence. O Lord my God, have mercy upon me because I am a sinner!

You are the Almighty God and the whole Earth belongs to You. You can do whatever you want to do, and I have no right to question You. I pray that You keep me and my household safe. Guide and protect me and protect all Your children throughout the world, those who have Your fear.

O God, I have surrendered my life to You, and there’s no turning back. Whatever You purpose to do on this Earth, I and my household will not partake from it. I know if You come down, tears and agony will fill the whole Earth. Father, for the sake of Your Son Jesus Christ, let this disaster and calamity pass over me.

The Lord my King, whatever spirit still attaches himself to my Spirit as a result of my sins, I pray that You eliminate them gently and peacefully so that my life and soul will be saved in You.

Jehovah God, You sent Your Son Jesus Christ to die a gruesome death on the cross of Calvary. I pray that You prove Yourself to every nation, race, tribe, or people that value not Your work on this Earth.

God of Heaven, You who visited the Egyptians with many plagues but saved Your inheritance in the midst of it, save and protect all Your children who have Your fear.

Jesus Christ my Saviour, Your blood is flowing day and night. I pray that when the Angel of death comes, let him pass over me and my household because of the power in Your blood.

Jehovah God, in the midst of calamity and disaster, You still care and provide for Your children. I pray that You provide for me whichever way You can and take all the glory in Jesus name.

All these I ask You my Father in the name of my Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen!

May the Lord remove every fear from your heart and give you the Spirit of boldness. May your life be bound in the heart of the Almighty. May you and your household live in peace. May the blood of Jesus Christ protect you throughout this time and always in Jesus name. Amen!

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