30th April 2020


My dear Friend,

We thank Jehovah God who has kept us alive thus far. Before you pray these prayers, I want you to examine yourself once again. Look back how you’ve lived your life in the past days. Amend whatever needs to be amended. Surrender your heart totally to Jesus Christ.

Jehovah God my Father, Your Word is yes and amen. I know that every Word that proceeds out of Your mouth must be fulfilled. Almighty Father, I know You’re the same God yesterday, today, and tomorrow. O God, have mercy upon me because I am a sinner!

You are the Almighty God and the Owner of this Earth. You can do and undo, and nobody can question Your judgement because Your way is right and pure, and Your judgement is true and faithful. I pray that You guide, guard and protect me, and extend this to all Your children throughout the world, those who have Your fear.

O Lord, I have surrendered my life to You, and there’s no turning back. My life belonged to You originally, but I strayed away from You because of my sin. Whatever wants to take me away from You, Father, take it away from me.

Jehovah King of Heaven and Earth, I have legs, and I cannot walk. If a man builds his ship, he must tow it to the sea before he can sail it. When you asked Noah to build an ark, he didn’t toe it to the sea but left it on the ground. When you released flood upon the Earth, the water lifted Noah and his ark from the ground. Almighty Father, lift me by Your power.

Jesus Christ my Saviour, You came to this Earth, and nothing held you back from fulfilling Your mission. O Lord, help me to fulfil my mission before I depart this Earth.

Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, guide my heart and hold it in Your hand. Remove every distraction far away from me. Help me to live my life for You alone. Give me the boldness to say ‘if I die, I die for Jesus, and if I live, I live for Jesus’.

Jehovah God, I know You have decreed pestilence and famine upon the Earth. In the midst of pestilence, give me sound and good health, and in the midst of scarcity, give me abundance.

All these I ask You my Father in the name of my Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen!

May Jesus Christ remove every darkness from your path. May He protect you and give you peace in every area. May the peace and grace of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit rest upon you now and always in Jesus name. Amen!

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