19th February 2020

Power And Obedience

Word From The Father 
If you have power and no one to obey you, how can you demonstrate it? No matter how powerful you are and there’s no platform for you to act, the power will become useless. And if you’re powerful and you lack control over it, you’ll misuse it. A powerful man without wisdom is worse than a foolish man. If you see a powerful man who could solve your problem and you fail to believe, that means you shut the door of help to yourself deliberately. Obedience and power go hand in hand. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Owner of every power. Everything originated from Me.

When Naaman heard about My son Elisha, what did he do? He asked his master for permission. If you ask, you shall receive. He got what he requested. He set out with his team and lots of gifts for My son. When he got there, did My son come out to meet him? He was a leper, and there’s a way to deal with such people. They should live in isolation because it’s a powerful demon. He only sent a servant to tell him what he should do. Though he was angry, he obeyed. Either you obey willingly, or somebody persuades you to obey, as long you do what you were asked, either willingly or reluctantly, you’ll get a positive result. He was desperate for a solution. That’s why he set out from his country to another country.

What did My son ask him to do? He was to bathe himself in a dirty river! Was it easy for him? Did he obey? What happened in the end? He got a positive result! That means there is power in obedience. Two things took place there—spiritual power and obedience. Many of you want a solution to your problem; however, you cannot pay the price. Even if you see or hear about My servant who has the power to the solution to your problem, you will not believe, and even if you get there, you’ll not do whatever he asks you to do because it sounds foolish to you. Right from the beginning, My Word is always foolish. The spiritual solution is always foolish because evil sounds foolish to all of you. That’s why Satan could easily rock the boat of your life.

Elisha was just a Prophet while Naaman was an Army General. Physically, he was in a position of power than My son. Why didn’t his positon solve his problem? That means power is greater than power. There are physical and spiritual powers; the latter is greater than the former. You cannot compare an ant with a cockroach. There’s a very big difference between both. Today, there is no such power in the church anymore because all of you refuse to settle Me. You refuse to do My will. You cannot heal a leper with an empty vessel. Many of you are like empty vessels. You’ve exchanged the power I gave to you with the things of this Earth. All of you should go back and learn from the lives of My servants in the time of old.

My Emphasis
Whenever there is a problem, there’s always the right solution to it. If you’re sick and visit your doctor, if he diagnoses you and prescribes a medication for you, if you take the medication and your sickness disappears, that means he gave you the right medication. If your sickness doesn’t disappear, that means he didn’t give you the right medication. You’ll go back to him and let him know. Many Christians are running helter-skelter seeking for the solution to their problem. If they eventually see the right solution, will they obey?

Naaman was a general in his days, yet, he had no clue that a Prophet existed somewhere who could help him out. How did he know? He knew through an ordinary maid! That means you shouldn’t commonise anybody. You shouldn’t look down on anybody. Because of his position, the young girl was afraid to speak out. She eventually summoned the courage to speak to his wife—her mistress. But he acted in obedience. If a man of such calibre could set out from his country to another country, that means there is obedience in action. Based on his position, the only person he could relate with was the King of the land. That’s why he went straight to him. But the King could never solve his problem. He finally landed at the courtyard of a Prophet.

Many servants of God leave there abode today seeking for a platform where they could demonstrate their power. Even those who don’t have such power seek for it in an alternative way. By the end of the day, people would get more problem than they have already. Any servant of God who wants to maintain his God’s given power must keep himself away from sin. He must be ready to forgo all. He must forgo everything of this Earth and embrace the things of Heaven wholeheartedly. That’s the only way his mission on Earth can be fulfilled. Though, the gift of the Father to His servants is without repentance. If He gives it to you, He’ll not revoke it. But if you fail to manage it properly and allow another power to mingle with the power of God in you through your sin, that power will take your God’s given power away from you. That’s why you don’t see raw miracles in the church anymore. Anyone who wants to please the Father must wash his garment daily with the water of holiness. Through this alone, he’ll be able to fulfil his destiny. I pray for you today that the Holy Spirit will lead you throughout this journey until you get to the shore in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will thank the Father for my position in Him.
2) I will ask Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins.
3) I will yield myself to the lead of the Holy Spirit.
4) I will ask the Father to help me fulfil my mission on Earth.
5) I will ask the Holy Spirit to give me the heart of obedience.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty Father, I thank You for my position in You.
2) Jesus Christ, forgive me all my sins.
3) Holy Spirit, I yield myself to You; take me and use me.
4) Jehovah God, I pray that You help me fulfil my mission on Earth.
5) Holy Spirit, I pray that You give me the heart of obedience in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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