17th January 2020

If I Am Shaven

Word From The Father
If I send a glorious and powerful child to this Earth, his power lies somewhere within his Spirit. It depends on the kind of assignment I want him to fulfil for Me, this will determine either I’ll notify his parents or not. In the time of old, I brought many children to this Earth. To some, I notified their parents, while to some, I didn’t notify their parents. If I notified the parents, especially the mothers, I would let them know what they shouldn’t do because of the child including the food to eat and not to eat. They must be ready to look after the child properly. Unfortunately, everything doesn’t always work out as planned because of flesh. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Originator. Jehovah is My name. I Am a Righteous Father. I hate evil. I hate sin.

Before I brought Samson, I told his parents what they shouldn’t do. I even told his mother the kind of food she shouldn’t eat so that the power I put in him wouldn’t destroy. She maintained her own side of the bargain. What happened by the end of the day? Can your own child be more powerful than you? When Samson began to grow up, he began to walk in some ways which could destroy his mission. Satan is never in haste with his evil plan. He is very patient. All of you could see how far he went before he could catch Samson finally. For a powerful man to go down, it also takes a powerful man or woman to accomplish it. Delilah was a powerful demon, but she shouldn’t have captured My son if he hasn’t given himself to her in marriage. Many of My heroes entered the hands of demons who cut off their mission prematurely.

How many years now since the death of Samson? What is happening now? As it was in the time of old, so it is now. As I brought glorious children in the time of old, so also, I still bring them today. Unfortunately, very sad, they don’t return to Me because many of them always go their own way, the way of the world. As a child who was meant to be My servant, if your parents fail to teach you the way you should go, not their own way but Mine, Satan will take you very far from your route. Before you could realise it, time might have passed. If I look into the world today, I weep for My heroes because I know what I see. I know what I see because all of them have gone their own way. All of them are nowhere to be found in Me.

As a mother, if I bring a child into this world to do My work, I expect you to train him or her in My way, to do My will. However, all of you always dance to the same music, the music of destruction. Is it by force for you to send your child to school? All these kinds of children, they’re not supposed to leave under your roof until they’ll fulfil My mission. Apart from your house, the only place they should be is My house. You should be the one preparing their food until they’re able to look after themselves. Some of you, Satan even used you to destroy their glory because you loved the wages of unrighteousness. Do you think I will not reward you? I will reward you more than you can imagine. I will reward you because you don’t know what you’ve done. A child that was sent into the world to save millions of souls could not even save one until he returned to Me. Why won’t I punish you for it? Many of you, I brought down Angels through your womb to sing in My house. What did you do to them? Today, all of them are there in the world singing on the altars of demons. Will I spare you?

My Emphasis
There are children and there are children. Some children are more powerful than each other. Whichever assignment the Father wants you to fulfil for Him on this Earth, this will determine how powerful you may be. There are leaders of tens and hundreds; there are leaders of thousands and millions. All of them have their own assignment to fulfil, yet, they’re more powerful than each other. These kinds of people are hot cakes in the hand of Satan because right from their birth, he would chase them until they enter the grave.

If I am shaven!

Before Delilah could finally catch Samson, she tried many tricks which didn’t work. You cannot catch a hero easily unless he committed sin. Even if he committed sin, you still cannot catch him. Unless you truly know the source of his power and destroy it, this is the only way you can catch him. Satan employed so many people, mostly women to destroy the heroes of the Father. If they fail in their mission, they would be punished for it. And if they succeed in their mission, they would be rewarded greatly. This he does to constantly contend with the Father over His children. Even today, he deployed different strategies into the world just to catch the heroes of the Father. Attack the shepherd and the sheep will scatter. If the shepherd fails, the sheep will go their own way. This is exactly what’s happening in the church today. Many women thought they just acted towards the servant of the Father, they didn’t know that somebody was behind them.

When Hagar became part of Abraham’s family, Satan knew what he wanted to accomplish. Was he in a rush? No; he was very patient. From Egypt back to the Negev, he remained calm and focus. When the time came for him to strike, he set evil fire into the heart of Sarah to forget the promise of God for their lives. The rest became a story. This issue still plagues the world today. Delilah’s mission in the life of Samson was deadly right from the beginning. Any man that falls into the hand of such a woman could only escape by the grace of the Almighty. Satan constantly beautifies such women so that their beauty could captivate the heart of the man to whom they were sent. This isn’t an ordinary beauty but a demonic one. This is why he brags every day that supposing Jesus Christ is in the world today, he could have used one of the women he beautified from the marine kingdom to bring Him down.

In all this, is the Father asleep? Not at all. The Father is more than awake but we’re asleep. For evil to befall any hero of the Father, that means Satan has deadened the ears of everyone around him not to hear from the Father. And again, he knows what we love and this he builds his strategy upon. Unfortunately, many of us fall into his trap cheaply. This is the area where the servants of old guided themselves properly and they were able to triumph in the end. My dear Friend, walk in the path of righteousness and let your heart forsake every goodie of this Earth. This is the only way you’ll not fall into the hand of Delilah who’s out there seeking to destroy the glory of the heroes of the Father. I pray for you today that Jehovah God will carry you through all the way and lead you to glory in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will appreciate the Father for who He created me to be.
2) I will ask Jesus Christ for mercy.
3) I will give no room for Satan to destroy my life.
4) I will seek the help of the Holy Spirit every day throughout my journey.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty Father, I thank You for You created me to be Your hero.
2) Jesus Christ, have mercy upon my soul.
3) Almighty Father, open my eyes of eyes and my ears of ears. Give me a light to see whenever the enemy is around me.
4) Holy Spirit, help me to fulfil my assignment and drive every stranger far away from me in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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