10th March 2020

The Church I Choose

Word From The Father 
There are many churches everywhere. Everyone is serving Me in his own little way. However, no one is doing My will. I Am a Father who doesn’t cast His children away easily; instead, I chastise and call them to correction until the end. If the end comes and they’re nowhere to be found in Me, then they cast themselves away from My presence forever. I do not promote any church. I know the kind of church I choose. I have established many churches on this Earth in the past. By the end of the day, all of them disappointed Me. They went astray from Me and began to lead themselves. Any church I establish and begins to choose his own leader is ready to lead herself. I cannot establish a church and flesh begins to dictate for Me what I should do or not do. Satan is the controller of any church that falls into this category. Satan is the head of this kind of a church, not Me. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Great Deliverer. Nobody can put Me aside. I Am the Owner of the Universe. I own everything. Everything originated from Me, and everything will return to Me.

If I call a man to establish a church, I will give him every Law and Ordinance to follow. I will give him every guideline, and he must abide by it. The very moment he deviates from it, that will be the end of him and Me. I Am a Spirit of Spirits. I deal with Spirits, not flesh. Anyone that wants to work with Me must be very spiritual because all My ways are spiritual. All of you should go back into your Bible and read how I dealt with Moses. Then you’ll understand what I’m saying and what it takes to work with Me. Any man can study the Bible and preach it. You can use it to evangelise and bring people to Jesus Christ. However, to lead My children is more than that. Anyone I did not create to do it cannot do it. If I didn’t create you to be a Priest or a Pastor and you want to be, there is a limit in what you can do because Satan knows your limit. He knows you’re not created for it. The moment you want to go deep into spiritual things, he’ll cut off your life.

All of you are establishing churches everywhere. Satan knows you don’t have what it takes to lead My children to Heaven. Therefore, he is even encouraging you the more to lead them into giving their lives to Jesus Christ because he knows since you don’t have what it takes to lead them to Heaven, they will not go there. They will end up in Hellfire. That’s what he wants! All of you should look into the world and judge by yourself. Satan is using people to establish churches everywhere. He knows the moment you give your life to Jesus; you’ll eventually end up in Hellfire because you don’t have what it takes to go to Heaven. How will you go to Heaven? Who will teach you? Hence he hijacks the heart of Pastors, tell Me who else will teach you what it takes to go to Heaven. This is what’s going on in every church on this Earth. By the end of the day, all of you will call Me a wicked Father. They deceived me; they deceived me; they said if I give my life to Jesus Christ, everything will be perfect; I didn’t know it’s more than that; if I had known, if they had taught me, I would have known what to do. This is what My children are saying as They’re sending them to Hellfire. Who then is to blame? Your Pastors!

The only church I choose is holiness. Any church that doesn’t teach, preach or embrace holiness is not from Me. It is a church of Satan. What is the purpose of establishing a church if you cannot teach My children what it takes to go to Heaven? It is a sinful church! A church of Satan. No single soul will go to Heaven in that church because Satan will lure all of them into committing sin. But any church that embraces and teaches holiness both physically and spiritually is the only church I choose. One is to preach holiness physically and commit sin spiritually. Any church that can work on holiness physically and spiritually is the only church I choose. It doesn’t matter the number of the congregation. Of what benefit is it to Me when you gather in multitude, and all of you are chaff.

My Emphasis
I have said it several times that any church that outlives its founder is a church of God. Every church which is established by Satan will die with its founder. As he dies, the church will die with him. If Satan lures a man into establishing a church, he must give him some guidelines to follow and how to renew whatever he asked him to do. If his successor doesn’t know what he was doing while he’s alive, the church will eventually die. The church of God never dies; rather, it grows from strength to strength. No gate of hell can prevail over her. The way of the Father is spiritual, and anyone He uses must be ready to flow with Him spiritually.

A man can study the Bible and knows how to teach or preach it. That doesn’t mean he should go ahead and establish a church. The highest he could do is to evangelise and bring people to Christ. If he does otherwise, then he crosses his boundary. As I am, I know what my Father has promised me on this Earth. And I know how old I am. I was created to lead the children of the Father, not in my own way, but in the way of the Father. Left for many people, with all the wisdom and knowledge I have in the Father, I should establish a church. Why should I establish a church when the church it’s already there? I am only called to repair the church that is already established and lead the children of the Father to Heaven. If I try anything else, I’m on my own. The Father will not go with me. I didn’t call myself. He called me. Therefore, no matter how long it takes, I must wait until He ushers me to where He has destined me to be. Right now, I am more than happy to continually do what the Father asks me to be doing, to be publishing His Words to His children. This is where many missed it! The moment they know the Spirit of God is upon them in whichever way, the next thing for them is to establish a church. By the end of the day, Satan will hijack them on the road. They cannot go backward, and they cannot go forward. Satan will divert them to another route. This will land them in Hellfire. Many servants of God fall into this category.

If you look at the life of the chosen of the Father starting from Noah, none of them wanted to go on the journey. Is it easy? Anyone who is created to be a servant of the Father doesn’t want to go on the journey because it’s not an easy one to embark because you have no life of your own anymore. Today, everybody wants to be a Pastor. They don’t know what they want to be. If they truly understand what’s inside the cup they say they want to drink from, they’ll run as if something is pursuing them. If the Father didn’t create you to be, Satan could cut off your life in a twinkling of an eye if you cross your boundary. If you want to begin to go into deliverance and other spiritual matters, he can destroy you because he knows you don’t have what it takes. And those who don’t want to be destroyed will make a covenant with him through which the glory of the children of the Father will be destroyed every day.

If you look at the life of Moses, the Father commanded him to do everything he did. He didn’t do anything on his own. Which life did he live? Did he enjoy life? We may say he did when he was still an Egyptian prince. But the Father didn’t create him to be a prince of an idol. He was created to be a deliverer. When he eventually started the work, was it easy for him? He had no life of his own until the end. So is every man who is created to do the work of the Father. Anyone created to do this work is given just one message to preach, holiness. There is no other message than this. If you know you’re called into this office, I congratulate you. Welcome aboard! But you must be ready to go the extra mile for the Father because of the stage the Earth is right now. It’s very easy for Satan to hijack the soul of any man. Therefore, know who you are and what you’re created to do. Jesus said in the Book of Matthew 10:27-28 that, “Whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; and what you hear in the ear, preach on the housetops. And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who can destroy both soul and body in hellfire.” You’re born for holiness and holiness you must preach. You’re an ambassador of Jehovah God and Jesus Christ on Earth. Anyone among you who is not created to lead the children of the Father should quickly turn back now. It is better for you to be an ordinary church member and go to Heaven than for you to be a Pastor and go to Hellfire. I pray for you today that the Holy Spirit will keep your heart focus in Him and will not allow you to fall away in the world in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will thank the Father for this teaching.
2) I will ask Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins and mercy.
3) I will sit back and consider my way and weigh the Spirit in me.
4) I will stand by the Word of holiness, the Word of truth alone.
5) I will pray against every power that wants me to go to Hellfire.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty Father, I thank You for this teaching.
2) Jesus Christ, have mercy upon me and forgive me all my sins and show me mercy.
3) Jehovah God, I pray that You reveal my real personality to me.
4) Jesus Christ, give me the grace to preach what You preached and help me to defend my word just as You did.
5) Holy Spirit, I ask You to fight against every power that wants to lead me to Hellfire in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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